Art Education

Discipline Prerequisites

Course Description Semester Hours
EDF 1005 Introduction to Education + Field Experience
EME 2040 Introduction to Educational Technology
ARH 2050-2051 Introduction to Art History I, II
ARH 2000 Art Appreciation
FIL 1030 History of Motion Pictures
PGY 2000 History of Photography
THE 2000 Theater Appreciation
MUL 2110 Music History

Note: Common prerequisite and total program length for state approved teacher preparation programs are subject to revision based on changes to State Board of Education Rule 6-A5.066. Education majors should seek advisement from SCF counselors.

Note: At least nine (9) credit hours of course work with an international or diversity focus is required. 

Note: This program requires more than 60 hours to enter the program at the upper division/state university. These additional courses, as listed within the section designated discipline prerequisites, may be taken at either SCF or at the state university. 

Note: At least one course taken to meet the natural science requirements in general education must include a laboratory component.

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