Speech Courses

SPC 1300 Interpersonal Communication (3)(A.A.)

Three hours per week. Utilizing a blend of the theoretical and experiential, this course concentrates on helping students develop effective human interaction and relationship skills.  Topics include self-concept and self-esteem, effective listening, body language and nonverbal messages, problem solving and conflict resolution.

SPC 1420 Group Discussion (3)(A.A.)

Three hours per week. On completion of this course, the student should be able to take an active role in organizational settings using leadership techniques, conflict resolution strategies and various systems' approaches to creative and pragmatic problem solving.

SPC 1608 Fundamentals of Speech Communication (3)(A.A.)

Three hours per week. Prerequisite: Completion of ENC 1101 with a  grade of "C" or better. This course meets Area I requirement for the A.A. general education requirements.  This course presents oral communication through speaking and listening. Basic research techniques, the reasoning processes, as well as principles of effective delivery of original speech to class audiences are emphasized. 


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