New TEAS 7 releases June 3, 2022 -  Compare TEAS 7 to TEAS 6

SCF Nursing will accept qualified TEAS 6 exams through August 28, 2023.

ATI TEAS Exam (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is a nursing entrance exam and is an  admission requirement that must be met before applying to SCF's A.S. Nursing Program. 

SCF offers TEAS testing for SCF students only.  

TEAS deadline dates are subject to change.  If you took the TEAS exam at another institution, your official TEAS transcripts must be received by SCF's Assessment & Testing Center by the following dates to be considered for the program:                     

  • TEAS exam deadline for Spring 2024 Basic Program:
    • August 28, 2023
  • TEAS exam deadline for Spring 2024 LPN-RN Transition Program:
    • August 28, 2023
  • TEAS exam deadline for Fall 2024 Basic Program:
    • TBD
  • TEAS exam deadline for Fall 2024 LPN-RN Transition Program:
    • TBD

Exam Registration

TEAS exam dates are limited at the SCF testing centers. Testing seats are also limited so register early.

  1. Visit the ATI Testing website to:
    • Create an account
    • View exam dates/times offered at SCF
    • To register and pay for your TEAS exam

  2. Visit the SCF’s Assessment and Testing Center to:
    • CONFIRM your registration
    • Schedule your appointment

LEARN more about the TEAS exam and the TEAS registration process by attending one of the Nursing information Sessions. The information sessions are free and registration is not required. Follow this link to view the Nursing Information Session Schedule.

TEAS Requirement

In conjunction with the Prerequisite GPA requirements, TEAS Score(s) must be at or above the following:

Prerequisite GPA TEAS Requirement:
3.0+ Total: 58.7%
Prerequisite GPA TEAS Requirement 

Total: 65%

Science: 65%

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