Resource Development Department


The Resource Development Department (RDD) at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, in conjunction with the Resource Development Committee (RDC), assists with the acquisition of grant funding to further the mission of the College and the achievement of its strategic plan.


  • Maintains research on potential funding sources*
  • Refers grant opportunities to potential grant developers
  • Assists with interpretation of the grant solicitation document
  • Provide assistance to potential grant developers to enhance grant planning skills
  • Coordinates grant development team
  • Assists with effective budget development
  • Gathers institutional and other data to support the proposal
  • Provides writing, editing and proofing assistance
  •  Assists grant project developer with seeking feedback and approval from leadership
  • Prepares and submits the final grant proposal document
  • Prepares grant board item for inclusion in the BOT agenda
  • Following the receipt of a grant award, RDD staff consults with
    grant project director and others as needed to assist with grant implementation

Grants Process Infographic and FAQs

College Rule Regarding Grants


Dory McQueen - Grants Coordinator -, 941-752-5387

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* NOTE: Resource Development works primarily with funding from governmental agencies. For private and corporate foundation grants, RDD staff coordinates grant seeking efforts with The State College of Florida Foundation, Inc. For more information, contact SCF Foundation Executive Director Cassandra Holmes,




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