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Financial Aid Calendar

Important Dates for Spring 2023

Date Description
October 3, 2022
Registration begins for Spring classes.
Ongoing Financial Aid determines Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) from Fall 2022. Changes to a SAP status may impact a student's financial aid eligibility for future semesters.
January 2, 2023
Financial Aid bookstore authorizations for the full semester begins.
January 9, 2023
Classes begin
January 20, 2023
Financial Aid bookstore authorizations for the full semester ends.
February 3, 2023
Financial Aid refunds will begin to be made available. Please visit the cashiering website for more information concerning refunds.

Additional Bookstore Dates

Flex Starts Bookstore Authorization
Flex A 2/6/2023-2/24/2023
Flex B 3/6/2023-3/24/2023

Disbursement of Aid

Students will not receive all of their refund in one disbursement, if either of the following applies:

  1. One or more of their registered courses have not officially started prior to disbursement of aid.
  2. Student has a one semester loan. Loans must be disbursed in two payments per Department of Education regulations. The second disbursement will be made after the midpoint of the semester.

Reminder: Students must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits) at time of disbursement to remain eligible for Direct Loans.

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