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2023-2024 Clubs and Organizations

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SCF ClubsThis is a list of clubs that are associated with the Venice Campus.

Art & Design Club

Advisor: Charles Jeff Darwin
Phone: 941-408-1507

Our mission is to create and maintain an artistic community for any and all students attending SCF in Venice. We focus on forming strong and long-lasting relationships between the faculty, the students and the rest of the community through familiarizing ourselves with the art of the past, experiencing the art of the present and shaping the art of the future.

Esports Club - Bradenton and Venice

Advisors: Neil Ferris, Patrick Elkins, Derek Borton
Phone: 941-408-1523 / / 

Esports Club is a club for SCF students to play competitive and recreational videogames in a supportive community. The club provides opportunities for students to grow their skillset, compete with their peers, and learn more about the growing industry of Esports. The Esports Club will use videogames to encourage teamwork and increase student resiliency in a competitive, team-driven environment.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) 

Advisor: Tylisha Johnson


All students who have an interest in business and business-related fields are invited to join. Club members are involved in community leadership service activities. Club members compete with other business club students at district, state and national levels for honors in business competition events. 

Food Forest Club

Advisor: Woody McCree / Andy Swanson
Phone: 941-408-1503 / 941-408-1494

E-mail:  / 

The Food Forest Club serves to maintain and promote the SCF Venice Food Forest as an inspirational, educational tool for students and the community while also providing a forum and group setting for people interested in sustainability, philosophy, spirituality, agriculture, and the natural environment. 

History and Political Science Club

Advisor: Michael Rogers / Theresa Smith-Ennis
Phone: 941-408-1485 / 941-408-1434
E-mail: /

The History and Political Science Club promotes the study of history and political science to further the understanding of past and present social and political ideologies to promote diversity of views.

Phi Theta Kappa - PTK 

Advisor: Jenna Jarvis
Phone: 941-408-1509

PTK is the International Honor Society of the two-year college. Invited are all students who have achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above, having completed at least one full-time semester or at least 24 semester
hours on a part-time basis. Students engage in leadership, social, and service activities.

Sigma Kappa Delta

Advisor: Marie Hendry
Phone: 941-408-1517

SKD is the National English Honor Society for two-year colleges. Eligible for membership are currently enrolled students who have completed a minimum of one college course (excluding developmental courses) in English Language or Literature, with a grade no less than a B in any English course and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above having completed a minimum of 12 semester credit hours. 


Advisor: Heather Shehorn / Deni Ors
Phone: 941-408-1416 / 941-408-1479
E-mail: /

The STEM.Med Club provides opportunities and resources for students interested in exploring topics related to general science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or medical sciences.

Student Government Association - SGA

Advisor: Neil Ferris
Phone: 941-408-1523


The SGA serves as the official voice for all students enrolled in credit courses at State College of Florida. SGA is responsible for a variety of extracurricular activities and events; promotes citizenship, service, and leadership development; and serves as the umbrella organization for the InterClub Council (ICC).

Student Veterans of America

Advisor: Chris Bassett
Phone: 941-408-1446

Student Veterans of America provides military veterans, dependents, and supporters with resources, support, and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and beyond. 


Advisor: Doug Ford
Phone: 941-408-1501

The Swamp Scribes strives to provide a non-academic forum to discuss and exchange ideas to further the imagination, creativity, and originality of our members and campus community, and to promote diversity of views by studying and performing works from other cultures. 

Venice Tabletop Gaming

Advisor: Charles Jeff Darwin
Phone: 941-408-1507

Venice Tabletop Gaming club’s mission is to gain an appreciation and understanding for tabletop games while forming connection with like-minded individuals. Games played have included both roleplaying games and traditional board games.


Advisor: Frances Auld
Phone: 941-408-1499

Xenos is devoted to establishing a safe place of inclusivity at SCF Venice and a diverse and welcoming environment that will contribute to a positive and productive atmosphere on campus. Xenos advocates for groups including, but not limited to, the LGTBQ+ community and those who are identified through gender, ethnicity, race, or religion. As a group, we emphasize the need to embrace the value of all people and support our fellow students.  

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