SCF Music Program Scholarships

Each year, the State College of Florida Music Program and the SCF Foundation award over $200,000 in scholarships to students who participate in our music program.

music scholarship

Ensemble scholarships

Ensemble scholarships provide opportunities to both music majors and non-majors alike. Not only does this provide well-rounded opportunities for students in any discipline, but also allows the department to remain a large music and education force in the region.


Koenig Scholarships

Koenig Scholarships help cover the costs of applied lessons for music majors. Because music majors have higher costs for some classes, these scholarships assist students in covering those costs. Additionally, the requirements to maintain these scholarships provide an incentive for students to pursue higher standards in their music education. All music majors receive this scholarship automatically.

SCF Foundation Scholarships

The SCF Foundation works with many donors and organizations to to provide scholarships for music students. Those include

  • The Cascades Community Scholarship
  • Lucille H. Laughrey Scholarship
  • Maz Corzillius Enodwed Music Scholarship
  • Guitar Sarasota Scholarship
  • Codelia Beattie Scholarship
  • Gulf Coast Banjo Society Scholarships
  • Steinway Scholarship
  • Presidential String Quartet Scholarship
  • Presidential Jazz Combo Scholarship

To apply for a scholarship through the Foundation, fill out a scholarship application on the SCF Foundation’s website.


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