Rule # 6HX14-

1.03 Board of Trustees – Corporate Body
1.031College Mission Statement
1.04Meetings of the District Board of Trustees
1.042Appearances Before the Board
1.043Public Comment at Board Meetings
1.05Development of Rules, Procedures and Standard Operating Instructions
1.06Ethics for Public Officers/Conflicts of Interest/Removal from Office
1.07Responsibility and Authority of the President
1.09Advertising (Off-Campus)
1.10Advertising (On-Campus) from Off-Campus Enterprises
1.11Agents, Solicitors, Salesmen
1.12College Calendar
1.14Complaint/Conflict Resolution
1.15Emergency Shelters
1.16Emergency Procedures
1.17Direct-Support Organizations: Accountability Standards
1.171Private Contributions/Transfer of Gifts
1.18Fund Drives and Ticket Sales
1.181Grant Application
1.19Guidelines for College Publications
1.191Deletion of Courses from Catalogs and Common Course Designation and Numbering System
1.23Political Activity – Seeking Public Office
1.24Reproduction and Destruction of College Records
1.25Tobacco Free Campus
1.26Space Reservations for Use of College Facilities
1.28Theft of Personal Property
1.29Travel Authorization and Funding
1.32Drug Free Campus
1.33Violence or Threats in the Workplace
1.42Accessibility for Disabled Individuals
1.43Facilities Naming
1.44Institutional Review Board
1.45 Substantive Change Policy
1.47Public Records and Public Records Requests
1.48Vulnerable Persons Act – Reporting Requirements
1.49Board – Requested Information
1.50Internal Auditor Selection Committee
1.51General Counsel
2.01Absence from Teaching Assignment
2.02Absences – Career Employees
2.03Absence – Administrators and Other Professionals
2.04Absences – President to Keep Record
2.055Communicable and/or Life Threatening Diseases
2.06Appointment of Personnel
2.07Attendance Records of Career Employees
2.09Certification of A.A., A.S., B.S., and B.A.S. Instructional Personnel
2.10Charges for Sick, Personal and Vacation Leave During Holidays and Emergency Closing
2.12Committee Assignments
2.13Consultants’ Services and Honorariums – Payment
2.14Employment Contracts, Generally
2.141Employment Contracts for Full-Time Faculty
2.15Contracts: Continuing Contract Status and Annual Appointments
2.17Contracts: Summer Semesters
2.19Employee Benefits
2.20Employee Benefits – Other
2.21Evaluation of College Personnel
2.22Extra Curricular Responsibilities
2.23Faculty Meetings
2.26Holidays and Other Paid Non-Duty Days
2.27Insurance for Full-time Employees
2.28Job Descriptions
2.30Leave of Absence
2.31Memberships in Professional Organizations
2.33Normal Work Week / Work Day
2.34Part-time Temporary Instructors (Adjuncts)
2.36Requirements of Personnel Records for All Employees
2.38Instructional Classification
2.41Retirement Enhancement Plan
2.43Scholarships for College Employees, Dependents, and Retirees
2.44Harassment and Discrimination and Related Misconduct (Including Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment, Sexual Assault, Sexual Exploitation, Interpersonal Violence, Stalking, Complicity and Retaliation)
2.45Sick Leave for All Employees
2.46Sick Leave – Faculty
2.47Temporary and Substitute Personnel
2.48Termination of Tenured and Non-Tenured Personnel
2.49Vacation Leave
2.50Worker’s Compensation
2.51Sick Leave Pool
2.52Use of Volunteer Services
2.53Disciplinary Action – Employees
2.55Code of Ethical Behavior
2.56Compensation and Salary Schedules
2.57Background Checks and Fingerprinting for Employment
2.60Information Technology Resources Policies
3.01Academic Freedom
3.015Development and Review of Academic Programs and Courses
3.02Communication and Computational Requirements
3.04Curriculum Modifications
3.05International Educational Programs Abroad
3.06Career and Technical Education Program
3.07Definition of Credit Hour
4.01Admission, Classification, Promotion and Graduation of Students
4.013Student Notification of Alternative College Preparatory Courses
4.015Reasonable Substitutions/Modifications for Individuals with Disabilities
4.0155Fees for Repeated Enrollment in College-Credit Courses
4.02Classification of Students for Fee Assessment
4.025Exceptions to the Assessment of the Full Cost of Instruction for Repeating College Credit Courses
4.03Eligibility for Intercollegiate Activities
4.04Entrance Examinations and Placement of Students
4.045Award of Credit
4.06Student Financial Aid
4.07Academic Progress, Course Attendance/Grades, Withdrawals
4.08Privacy Rights of Students
4.10Standards of Student Behavior
4.12Student Traffic and Parking
4.13Student Driver’s License Law
4.14Student Complaint/Conflict Resolution
4.15Student Publications
4.16Prohibition of Hazing
5.01Auxiliary Enterprises
5.02Student Fees
5.03Bonds for Trustees and Employees
5.09Depository Receipt, Withdrawal, and Electronic Transfer of Public Funds
5.10Funds Derived from Auxiliary Enterprises and Undesignated Gifts
5.11Student Debts
5.111Authorization to Defer Student Fees for Third Party Organizations
5.12Refund of Fees
5.13Insurance on College Property and on College Operations
5.14Investment of Surplus Funds
5.16Petty Cash Fund
5.17Student Activity Budget
5.181Conflict of Interest, Outside Employment
5.182Intellectual Property
5.20Personal Property Accountability
5.21Security of Campus
6.01Physical Plant Operations, Maintenance & Sanitation
6.13Building Program
6.14Change Orders to Construction Contracts
6.15Fire Alarm System Response and Control
6.16Construction Projects
6.17Prequalification of Contractors for Educational Facilities Construction
6.18Selection of Professional Services