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Consumer Information and Disclosures

As required by Federal regulations, State College of Florida is committed to providing prospective and current students up to date information related to the educational endeavor for which they are embarking.  Many of the published regulations are available via the College Navigator Website, Student Handbook and the on-line catalog.  In addition, if you have any questions or need a hard copy of any of these disclosures, you may contact the Office of Institutional Compliance at (941) 752-5220.

Student Demographics and Stats

Student-Right-To-Know-Act provides notice to prospective students information related to completion or graduation rates of current students seeking certificate or degree-seeking, first-time, full-time undergraduate students.  In addition, the links below provide the required information related to retention rates, placement rates and demographics of the current student population.

Detailed information on student demographics including graduation, and transfer out rates are available in our latest Fact Book.

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Financial Assistance Information for Students

The college provides a variety of financial assistance for students through GrantsScholarships, Loans, and Student employment.The Financial aid department  is available to assist you in obtaining the appropriate aid.  The following links provide information on financial aid basics, including but not limited to, procedures and forms by which students may apply for assistance, criteria used in determining eligibility,  and responsibilities of students for continued eligibility and repayment.

Financial aid basics

Financial aid eligibility

Financial need calculator

Financial aid procedures

Financial aid rights and responsibilities

Financial aid disbursement methods and frequency

Financial aid forms

Title IV, HEA loans terms and conditions

Private loans

Loan terms and repayment

National Student Loan Disclosure System (NSLDS)

Loan entrance counseling

Loan exit counseling

Code of conduct for education loans

Student employment terms

Cost, Payments and Refunds

The following links provide information related to the cost of attendance at SCF.  Use the Net Price Calculator to evaluate your anticipated expenses.  Please note that you must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible for and receive Federal student aid funds.  Other important information such as refund policies, withdrawal procedures and requirements for return of Title IV, HEA grant or loan is also linked below.

Price of attendance

Net price calculator


Refund policy

Withdrawal procedures

Requirements for return of Title IV, HEA grant or loan


The following links provide information regarding Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), our accrediting agency.  In addition, you will find information about our current degree programs and other educational and training programs; instructional, laboratory, and other physical facilities associated with the educational programming; and most importantly our faculty and instructional personnel.  The last link in this section provides a description of the services and facilities available to students with disabilities, including students with intellectual disabilities.


Degree and training programs

Instructional, lab and physical plant facilities used in academics

Faculty and instructional personnel

Constitution and Citizenship Day

Services for students with disabilities

Teacher Preparation

As required by law, the college files annually a Teacher Preparation Report to the state and is available to the general public through the link below.  The annual report identifies pass rates, student demographics and other program information related to the Alternative Teacher Education program taught at the college.

Program information

Goals, assurances, pass rates and demographics

Student Services and Policies

The links below apply to both student services and student policies affecting the disclosure and access to student records, including personally identifiable information known as directory information, and the process by which students can opt-out of providing directory information.  In addition, prospective students and current students can obtain information on the college's transfer policies.  The college also provides below links to disclosures related to student services, including the Textbook Affordability Act and Voter Registration State Website.  If you need assistance in obtaining further information on any of the consumer disclosures related to student services and policies, please contact Student Services at (941) 752-5035 or email them at advisor@scf.edu.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Access to student records

Transfer policies

Copyright policy

Career and placement services

Student activities 

Course schedules

Textbook lists and ordering

Voter registration form


As an coeducational institution participating in intercollegiate athletic program and administering FSA, we are required to submit an Equity in Athletics Report (EADA). This report details certain information regarding participation rates and financial support data for intercollegiate athletics.  In addition, the college provides an annual report to the Board of Trustees though its Annual Equity Report, statistics on gender specific Title IX issues.  Below are several links to the required disclosures.

Equity in Athletics

SCF Athletics Annual Report

Student demographics

Graduation and transfer rate

Safety and Security

In compliance with the 1990 Crime Awareness and Security Act, Florida Law and 1998 Jeanne Clery Act, the public safety department provides to the Board of Trustees by October 1st of each year the Annual Clery Report, which includes the statistics of the previous three years of crimes that occurred on campus or in off campus buildings owned or controlled by the College. You also may obtain a hard copy by submitting a request to the public safety department.   Additional links below provide drug and alcohol abuse prevention information included in the college's drug-free campus policy.  This information is distributed to students and employees annually.  Also included below are links to the college's emergency procedures and to the Clery Report, the college's documentation of crime statistics related to campuses.

Annual Clery Report

Vaccination Policies

Drug-free campus policy

Emergency Procedures

Economic Report(s)

Beginning in the 2014-2015 academic year and annually thereafter, to require each Florida College System institution prior to registration to provide each enrolled student electronic access to the economic security report of employment and earning outcomes prepared by the Department of Economic Opportunity pursuant to s. 445.07.

The Florida Scorecard - Metrics to Help Secure Florida's Future

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